What are the advantages of maternity leave? Which side for you feel outweighs the other.

In this 21st century, companies are giving more importance to human power compared to the old age. The owner of the organization is now aware that to enhace their business and keep running business smoothly, skilled people are the top most need with long term commitment. To coqure this, nowadays, companies are offering a number of benifits to their employees such as paid leaves in the pregnancy emergency. I honestly feel this is the best way to encourage lady skilled workers to work for any organization. At cons side, while working in the pregnancy time, the employee can not perform well compared to the normal days. During the maternity, girls are facing more physical pain and they require to be more concious about their child at the time of handling work pressure which will result into low performance of work. Moreover, in many countries, now, it is a law to provide maternity leave to girls and can not ask to leave the job in this particular days. In this situation, to fill the human power needs companies are now hiring employees on the contract basis which causes extra financial loss to the organization. While at the another side, There are several benifits to the company, staff and to the society itself. If the organization thinks about workers and provide them neccessary help in the form of leaves, then workers will definitaley increase their dedication towards company and continuing their service to the firm for long time. Long term commitment of employees is a great benifitial to the company as they do not need to more worried about hiring process. The organisation can save their time and hiring resources. To conclude this, it is firmly clear that to grow business one needs skill candidates who can work long time and effectively. The materinity leaves and other necessary benifits are key requirement to have this type of highly skilled people on the board.
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