Some people think that children should be taught to be competitive in school others, however, say that cooperation and team working skills are more important. Discuss both the sides and give your opinion.

While some people believe that competitiveness should be instilled in the minds of the children in school, others favor team work and cooperation. In my opinion, the latter notion of imbibing team spirit is more essential. Whether or not a child at school succeeds in the field of academics, sports or co-curricular activities, there is this strong sense of rivalry and competition which is inculcated right from the beginning of school life. While some argue that this is healthy and makes a student more confident, there are proponents who find this harmful . The school performance is gauged and compared, putting constant pressure in their young minds. For instance, a child who does fairly well in his music test, conducted at a private class, performs poorly at school while competing with his peers. In contrast, there are plenty of group and team activities arranged in schools which provide avenues to learn together and share ideas that are more impactful. Not only do the children learn group dynamics and work towards some common goals, they also create a niche for themselves. The school music bands, where in the members work in unison and have a winning ethos is to reckon with, siting as one of the best examples. The cleanliness drive initiatives taken up and sponsored by some of the schools , find a large number of students as volunteers who contribute in cleaning up of areas and public spaces such as beaches and in doing so learn civic manners and cooperation. To conclude, its more important that the school children are encouraged to develop a sound team spirit and ethics than putting them through a series of competitions.
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