some people use the internet to search for solutions to their medical problems. is it a positive or negative development? give your own opinion and examples from your experience.

Nowadays, the internet is one of the most useful invention for the individuals. Every person wants to become expert in using computers. Patients those who are suffering from any minor or major diseases take interest to study about its causes as well as interventions. In my opinion, it is an acceptable approach, to know about own condition, so that nobody will not take their disease unserious and will follow proper treatment. In society lots of people live together, if one person have a proper education about one condition then it will become easier for him to help others. Lots of the minor medical issues can be treated at home by searching correct intervention for it. Furthermore, sometimes it also happens lack of information is provided by the doctors, may be it is due to the burden. Many of the clients feel unsatisfied after visiting a consultant due to incomplete explanation of particular condition. If the person study about their health issues from the websites, it will become easier for a physician to explain a certain health condition. Moreover, if there will be some queries related health to discuss with physician it will become easy for patient to share. No doubt, there are lots of sites in which information is not shared by the health professionals, it is dangerous for the human if they believe on it and apply that wrong treatment on themselves. Besides this, it is the responsibility of the web to provide secure information, so that it will not be harmful. A knowledgeable society is very necessary for the awareness of many health issues that can be spread in community.
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