Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development,however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

Many countries choose to perform economic development in order to improve living standard where others believes that can lead to the loss of social values. In my opinion, economic development as well as improved living standard has both advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages have upper hand on the drawbacks. The benefits of the economic developments are too many to count. Firstly, better standard of living gives better life. People will have more opportunity to think about noble issues when they don’t need to worry about their personal lifestyles consistently. Secondly, if the economy is developed, there would be less crimes. If everyone lives above the poverty lines, no one needs to steal or do other crimes to make their living which would result in decreased crime rates. Finally, people would give effort to cultures, arts and other form of traditions and extra curricular activities as they would have enough resources. These will help the prosperity of humanity. On the other hand, better economy comes with better responsibility. Everybody may become busy with own lie that they ay skip socialization. That means less interaction with society which may result in losing of social values. Additionally, people may forget the necessity of the social institution and ignore them which is result of greater load of work. That can destroy these traditional institutions hence, society. Another reason to worry about is the drug and alcohol problems. It is often seen that rich families especially their children engage themselves into this type of things. If t becomes natural to every families then destruction of society is not far enough. Nevertheless, these all problems can be solved by proper handling and sincere steps. In conclusion, economic development can have serious drawbacks, but with proper awareness, that drawbacks can be dealt and the benefits of the economic prosperity can be enjoyed by mankind.
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