Some people think that all children should learn geography in school. However… October 30, 2018 By bw However…some others think that it is more important to learn subjects that are more relevant to life. What is your opinion?

It is true that studying Geography in school is important. I agree partially with this opinion and also supports that studying other important subjects like Science, Mathematics, Tecnology and English are also most vital than studying Geography only, especially STEM subjects. To begin with, by studying Geography, one can acquire knowledge about the Earth, the Oceans and the mountains and their range in different countries of the world. But on the other hand, in this era of information technology all the above mentioned information and maps and current weather reports are available instaneously on personal computers, smart phones, via Google search engine. Even uneducated also able to understand it thouroughly.Hence studying Geography in depth is not essential at higher education or primary education levels. However basic knowledge in Geography in essential for every student. On the contrary, familiarity or knowledge in other life essential or science subjects like STEM-Science, Techonology, English and Mathematics are highly desirable in this current age of neck throat competition to get a job in market in order to survive. For example, in a survey conducted by British primary and higher education council, few years ago 90 % of pupils have chosen STEM subjects after their graduation compared to Social sciences and Arts. Not only for job purpose, Science gives valuable knowledge in day to day needs and at times saves the life of fellow passengers in the form of first aid for instance in a road traffic accidents or plain crashes. In addition, being expert in English language, one can manage in all over the world, even without further gross knowledge in other subjects as people will be impressed by language skills and respond to help us. To conclude, choosing only Geography and devoting all time on it is not much productive, in comparison to STEM subjects in terms of future job and learning life skills.
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