Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat to have a healthy diet. DO you agree or disagree.

It is considered by some that everyone should eliminate meat from their diet and take up a vegetarian lifestyle. In my opinion, I completely agree that this is one the most effective ways to ensure people are striving towards a healthier life. Studies have linked the consumption of meat, specifically red meat, with increased risk of heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. In addition, the consumption of meat has contributed to the global increase in obesity. For example, many countries in the West that show a high consumption of meat also show higher health issues, which are usually related to the heart, as well as ranking among the highest obesity rates. That’s to say, cutting out meat from one’s food intake and substituting with a vegetarian diet would drastically change their physical health and quality of life. Furthermore, in low-income countries where meat is priced like a luxury, picking up vegetarianism is an affordable route to take towards eating a living diet. In other words, not only does meat contribute to numerous health risks but also very expensive. For instance, underdeveloped countries tend to focus on agriculture; therefore, due to its abundance, eating a vegetarian meal will cost a family less than eating meat. In simple terms, consuming a healthier, plant-based diet will help people have more disposable income where they can invest and use to better their lives in different aspects. In conclusion, to deal with the high number of health risks, namely- obesity and heart disease, it is crucial for people to be educated on the issues caused by the consumption of meat and therefore, for people to take the initiative to gravitate towards a healthier lifestyle that is a vegetarian diet.
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