Many people prefer to spend money and not save it. What are the reasons? Is this a positive or negative development?

Who does not like to spend money? Now, people likely spending more money more than saving it because they would like to enjoy their life or show off to their friends. It happens to most people and it is a negative development which affects a lots to their future. Most people think that human just has one life and we only live once, so why don’t we enjoy it? With that point, people start to spend more and more until overspending. Salary is growing up now in most of the countries. Enhance, people are earning more and they want to show off their wealth. Sometimes, they just simply want to buy the item because it is trending. Sadly, it mostly happens to young people. Spending without thinking is a negative life style. Yes, you can say that you can earn more than you pay. Absolutely, it is not wrong. However, have you ever thought about your future? Job is not going to stick with you forever and so does salary. This month, your bank account might have more than 4,000USD, but next month, who knows? Life not only has happiness, but also has unluckiness, which means the bad time could occur. For example, what if you have some bad news and your money already ran out? How to solve it? No one can stop you spending money. I understand that we just live once and yes we can enjoy and do anything we want but do not go until so far. In my opinion, spending without thinking and saving is a negative development. Honestly, I really hope that people will think carefully before they buy something. We all should have a future plan. Remember that living is not only for this moment, but also for the future.
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