A huge number of students choose to study English independently on a self-study basis rather than attend a formal course.However,without the assistance of a teacher,students often find it difficult to manage their studies 250 words

As we all know a students without teachers and additional learning support they will find difficulty to manage study in their own time of self-study.I totally agree in my point of view not all students can work indpendent in their own time if they cannot cope with the method while they studying. For example, if a student have a probelm of extend has vocabulary and repeating the same words ,he should get assistance to help him to check the work if does make sense or not. Some students need addition support to learn from their mistakes and what can be improve and what find out your weaknesses and your strenghts. As I know not all students good at each subject.So they need to attend courses to improve the way of learning and learning not rely self-indpendent and students need self-study and extra lessons or one to one study.
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