Although the prices of fuels have greatly increased over the last decade or two, it is argued that further increases in fuel prices are the only way to reduce world consumption of fuel and lessen pressure on the world’s fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I think the prices of fuels has increased in the present time because of the environment ,it has great impact of fuel resources. Most people use nowadays cars which bad for the environment obviously engine cuts engine cuts pollution. In my own view .I totally agree in order to reduce the world fuel consumption is decrease the world's fuel resources. People do not care about the environment and as long as people using cars,people do not care if the fuel has increase or less. In the supermarket they charge the per bag you would have to pay 5p because the environment and the majority of people using cars now rather than bicycles or walking or catching bus and catching train they use cars becuase it is easier, comfortable this are the adavatage of using cars, however the disadvanage are higher cost of fuel in your cars and also pollute the environemnt.
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