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To begin with , this generation spend more time on technology as compare to previous ones’s because of rise in gadgets.For example , children are more tech savy and spend more time on screen rather then field because of this they are not physically fit. They suffer various health issues etc. Secondly, children spend more time on using smartphones which creates them addictive .They might be using smartphones in wrong way if proper guidance not provided to them.
nowadays the way of learning has became more variety such as televesion. In my opinion, I extremly. disagree, because watching televesion can impact badly on the children health. In this essay I will illustrate my perspective of view about how learn watching televsion can effects on the child health.
Dear Liveo, I hope you are in radiant heath and in the best of spirits. I know you have been considering getting a smart speaker, so I wanted to let you know that I have bought a Google Home speaker. However, I purchased it because there was 50% sale on it on Amazon.Moreover, you can check on online , there might still be sale going on. Anyway, I love the gadget so far. I sync it with my Spotify account and Amazon prime. Nowadays, I am doing tons of staff on it such as, alarms , timers , getting reminders, asking questions, and so on. It works naturally with the voice and it have not found any trouble to recognize my voice command. It is little bit expensive if you buy a regular prize but there are lots of cheaper versions on online. Although those are not as updated as Google Home speaker. If you want I can find you an alternative according to your budget. Let me know what your decision is . I await your response.
I am writing to inform you that I am unable to continue the project management course from your institute. I am very passionate about this course as it offers a great knowledge and hope to continue in future, but currently I have multiple commitments that requires attention as well.
Nowadays there is a serious issue in a society related to high traffic and a lack of places for living for people, and there is an opinion that large companies and factories should be removed to the countryside. I suppose that it is a good idea that can solve the problem that was mentioned before.
Nowadays is so hard to find a good apartment or a house in a city. Especially if you have a big family with small kids and pets. Cost of living in cities like NY is so high and space so limited that people start to chose living in the countryside. Buy a property in a small village is cheaper than rent a tiny flat in the busy city.
According to a thesis, remarks give a reason for more efficient work to pupils. In my opinion, one hand grades may encourage to students to do their best , on the other hand , it might be due to competition between of them. In this essay , I will discuss both view with relatives examples.
A glance at the graph provided reveals the amount of carbon dioxide produced per person in four different countries between 1967 and 2007.
It is undenilable in the countries most of the urban areas are occupayed with more no of population wich compared to the rural area, in villages ,most of the peple know each other ,and if any new person visits the place ,they will aquire about him,so most of the memebers watch around all the time,hence if the do any robbory ,they would be founded immediatly.
A glance at the graph provided reveals the amount of emissions of carbon dioxide per person in 4 different countries between 1967 and 2007.
The maps illustrate a currently university's sports centre and how it will look in future after adding some facilities.
It is claimed that is the best punishment for criminals. While there are some existing drawbacks, I believe that this decision has more benefits
Prison is the best punishment for criminals. Do you agree or disagree?
The graph shows us percentage of people were born in Australia and who were born outside Australia living in urban, rural and town between 1995 and 2010.
The graph provides information about the consumption of several commodities in European Country between 1979 and 2004. These were chicken, beef, lamb and fish.
Different countries' consumer spendings are quite different. The table shows the vary consumer spending on a series of items in the five countries, namely, the Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey in 2002.
The graph provides information about the consumption of several commodities in European Country between 1979 and 2004. These were chicken, beef, lamb and fish.
The diagram provides the information of two genders whose age were in 11-14 and engaged in extreme sports in the UK in 2003. In general, the average of total amount with irrespective of gender who join in different extreme sports were all over 10 percent, whereas snowboarding was only exception with 6.1 percent.
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