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People debate whether euthanasia should be legal or not in the contemporary world. Personally, I agree that it is ture for euthanasia to be a widespread program.
A high rate of using electronic devices has been highlighted over the decades. From this aspect, questions about whether mobile phones and other electronic devices have to ban in the classrooms. In my opinion, electronic devices have remove in the classrooms.
In my opinion, it might be true because for some reasons. First, in the context of culture, different cultures might bring non-fit acts, such as food and beverage, dressing style, language, etc. Second, environmental damage, bad tourists might be harmful to environment by throwing trash anywhere, hurting animals, or breaking cultural artifacts.
There are individuals who believe that the children’s use of gadgets benefits them, others, on the other hand, believe it is harmful. This essay will discuss both sides of opinion, and then I will give my own opinion.
In modern individualitic world, many argue that finding new friends on online platforms has many good aspects, however, based on some people's perspective, making friends by live chat is better. I am more resolite in my belief that, human-beings can find ideal friends in real life, while i endorse that areturm websites and internet chat rooms has enough advantages for meeting and marriage many people.
As far as has been asked chidren have to have more responsibilities or being free I`m going to explain aboth both of this view and get my own opinion.
As far as clareaty in managment a work is earning money and there is no need to have communication with another people or jobs, I`m not agree with this opinion. I will explain my resons in this article.
nowadays, several people think that teachers are no longer needed because students can study via the internet. this to make be some parents to choose extra study in home via the internet like youtube, google, and website online. you are must prepare about step by step in the future that because, that relative more simple and cheaper.
It is beign aruged that professional workers as well as doctors and techers paid less income compared to this sports and enterainment personalities. However i totally agree that sports and entertainment get more paid than doctors and teachers .
Is it in the modern era individual fascinate on instant thing. This writer believe that this activity have negative impact on human society and will write an essay to express his statement.
in the old days, society used to eat seasonal food usualy from the local, nowadays society can get to eat a lots of kinds of food not only from local, but also from far places, and yes the benifts is more than someone can imagen.
Many decades ago, constructions were considered as social items, however, in this modern era, up-to-date buildings absolutely match together as well as worldwide metropolitans are almost identical in construction. This essay believes that this phenomenon arises from the standardization along with the high cost of land, making it a negative change due to the loss of national cutures.
Some people think that big family is better than nuclear family. Other side of people believe that nuclear family has a more bemefits tha big one. I choose nuclear family because of some advantages such as nuclear family is more silent.
There are many considerations that people should give priority to reside and work in tall constructions because of its advantages, while the others prefer the low ones. This writer agrees with the latter and gives some main reasons to explain in both view.
Walking down the 'crime rate' data and ruminerating it over the past years, comes as a moral shock. I percieve , the crime rate may be mildly fluctuating; but the problem lies in the magnitude of these crimes. On thinking about this in detail, my arc of logic tends to bend towards the fact that government should not impose restrictions.
Nowadays many people live in the apartment but of peoples conditions and similar conditions and similar situations people work in the city and live in an apartment.
Some argue that one can gain a deeper understanding of a foreign country by watching television programs and films about it, rather than physically visiting it. In my opinion, the idea is true; nevertheless, one may maintain that firsthand experiences provide a depth of understanding that cannot be replicated through media alone.
moreover people believe that studying for a university degree is better for an individuals carer, whereas gaining work experience after high school .
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