IELTS Writing Samples Band 2

The given chart compares the amount of time per day that men and women of the UK spend doing various activities.
Many public from poor community with higher education prefer to migrate to developed rich countries due to many facts . Firstly,rich state lure population from poor society by offering handsome salaries. So that, one could dream to develop their status of living financially. Secondly, population of higher education feels to migrate from their native society to develop their skills of knowledge and broaden their education horizons. As poor region are unable to provide all developed facilities which could hamper their voracity of development.
Nowadays knowledge of foreign language is important for everybody. But some think that it is not necessary to have knowledge of universal language. In my opinion, having knowledge of universal language is most important these days because it provides wider opportunities to those who has grip on foreign language.
The use of vehicle has been on rise ever since the invention of the first car. Vehicles have made our lives easier in various aspects and have been used for transportaion of good as well as to travel to different locations. Nowadays, people like have their own vehicle and prefer to travle by it on a daily basis. Although it has proven to be a boon to our society, there are some demrits to it . It is agreed that alternative forms of transport should be encouraged by governments by introducing laws to control car ownership and use. Analysing its negative impact on environment and increase of traffic on roads will prove this.
The depicted flowchart depicts the manufacturing process of plastic paper clips in ‎a small factory.‎
Technology is burgeoning day by day,as new inventions come into use mainly for interation, on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and many schoolof thought, it has numerous dissadvantage that outweighs the advantages.In the following paragraph, i will highlights the some of the pros and cons of using different application for making friends.
With the rapid technology televisions play a vital role in individual's life. In Britain, many families decide not to buy television because it affects the creativity of children. I am not agree with the statement that television teaches a lot of valuable lessons to the children. This essay will elaborate my views in the forthcoming paragraphs.
In this globalized world, an increasing number of students decide to learn overseas and many think it is attractive; on the other hand, some people choose to study locally. In the following essay, I would argue both positive and negative sides of oversea learning.
These days, the alternation of fashion vogue is very rapid and it is different every year. In the following essay, I would argue that this tendency has a negative impact on both individuals and the environment.
The diagram illustrates information about the develepment at West Park Secondary School since it building in 1950.