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The two charts depict the number of people in Japan who travel abroad and Australia's contribution of Japanese tourist market over the 10 years from 1985. Overall, the number of foreign visits showed a continuous rise during the period whereas Australia's contribution of Japan's tourist market showed a remarkable improvement.
In today's world, every parent has its own way to raise their child. However, society is divided when it comes to giving authority to youngsters for their matters. Some of them believes that they should not allow to choose their matters, whereas others have contradictory opinion and they desire their chldren to make their own choices. This essay will discuss both the views and will opine on the best option.
The first bar graph explains the share of the UK and Australian cinema market in 2001 while the second line chart depicts the cinema admission in the same countries between 1976 to 2006.
In the contemporary epoch, balancing work life and personal life has become very tough. Peole have become human machines . They work so hard to earn money and live a good life . So leisure time is very crucial for people .an immensely controversial phenomenon in the modern era today relates to whether calling the staff on their holiday is acceptable or not .there is a range of conflicting arguments related to its pros and cons . Although it has a plethora of demerits yet there are numerous merits that are also there which i will elaborate in further paragraphs.
Carbon dioxide is a very toxic gas which causes global warming world widely. There is a plot of CO2 emission with respect to yearly of different countries. The graph include four types of countries which are including Portugal, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom, respectively. The horizontal axis represent the increasing year from 1967 to 2007 while the vertical axis shows the CO2 emission in metric tonnes. The results of the graph show that’s there is gradually increasing CO2 emission in case of Portugal and Italy. But at the end the CO2 emission becomes constant. While that’s in case of Sweden, there is gradually increasing first till 1977, after that’s the CO2 emission becomes gradually in decreasing order. While that’s in case of United kingdom there is a constant decrease of CO2 emission resulting a good sing for the weather changes. So, the results show that the United kingdom has less affects of global warming as compare to the other countries.
Carbon dioxide is a very toxic gas which causes global warming world widely. There is a plot of
Most of the people believe that men and women are same. They can do any job what they want. Few people believes that men and women are not same . There are some specific jobs which men can do only.
On the other hand, some part of the community have an opinion that these programs create awareness among the people. Through this, society gets to know about numerous ways in which a wrong could have happened, along with the preventive measures in such situations. To illustrate, in Indian television a program named "Savdhaan Bharat" shows actual criminal incidence like online frauds, rapes, murders, etc. happened in past and narrate the possible circumstances or their triggering points. Also, the preventive measure that might be taken in those malicious activities around you. Hence, instead of impacting the youngsters in negative way, these kinds of shows spread awareness among them.
The graph shows us types of the PH changing trends connected to consumption of different sweet food. Here we can see the description of 3 types of the sweet food: honey, fruit and cane sugar.
Nowadays, in this modern era pollution has increased day by day. The industries make new products rather than recycle. There are numerous causes and solutions that i will discuss in upcoming paragraphs.
The main features of the island that is made for tourist are; first and most important the roads and footpath are formed for easiness of tourist either to walk on footpath or through their vehicles on roads. Then after entering into the island there is a reception where people can stay and can think where to go either into a accommodation or into restaurant. Near to the restaurants accommodations where tourist can sit and enjoy the weather. The island covers the area of 100 meters. Island beauty is more enhanced by these dates trees as provides shade to the tourist. The island is abandoned before its construction and then this island changes its look from abandoned to more attractive buildings such as the restaurant, accommodations, and roads and footpath it changed the complete scenario before and after. In the left side of island there is a beach where tourist can swim and some tourist families come here to sit on a boat and enjoy the sea creatures and the blue sky.
I, Hafeez Unnisa, an expat in Qatar with a valid Residence Permit. I wish to apply for any suitable position in the department of Engineering & Technology. In fact, even I am ready to work voluntarily, without any salary. I possess the necessary skills and qualifications, as well as the essential experience.
The graph depicted the trend of tourists visting the Caribbean Island between 2010 and 2017.
Overtime, everything cone into very easy include having what you eat. As a result, people have many different choices when they decide to buy food for their family.
The graph pictures us the infortation on labor market for 6 different countries in 1995 and 2005.
The graph pictures us the infortation on labor market for 6 different countries in 1995 and 2005.
The maps illustrate the present plan of an industrial zone in Norbiton, and proposed development of the place.
Yes, I do feel that universities should have an equal budget for their libraries as well as {tooltip}_{end-link}for{end-tooltip} sport activities. It is our general belief that a good player can not be {tooltip}_{end-link}"a" is missing here{end-tooltip} good student and hence we restrict our children’s sport activities at college level. Moreover, an academic degree has much more value than sport activities which naturally compels students to focus more on their studies than their interest in sport.
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