Some people think that public health of a country can be improved if the government make laws regarding nutritious food but others think that it is the matter of personal choice and personal responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, healthcare condition is becoming more and more essential to each individual. Some people argue that the government should take measures to improve health of their citizens by imposing food laws. Others believe that everyone has responsible for their own health. This essay will discuss both points of view before coming to a reasoned conclusion. On the one hand, in fact governments play a critical role to ensure well-being of their citizens. First of all, governments are responsible for the quality and safety of food in the market, they could introduce strict laws to make sure that public heath will not be damaged by polluted or expired food. Moreover, using unauthorized chemicals, selling unhygienic and low-quality food should be forbidden by the government. For example, eating fast food may lead to severe diseases such as increase in blood cholesterol, raise blood pressure and obesity. In some countries, the government imposes a high tax on junk food with the objective of discouraging its consumption. All of these are measures that can have a positive impact on public health. On the other hand, in my opinion healthy lifestyle is a choice and habit of an individual, each person should hold accountable for their health, and the government cannot monitor the lifestyle of every citizen. For instance, if people follow a sedentary lifestyle such as eating junk food, being a potato couch, being ignorant to break their bad habit and so on, they will surely suffer from physical health issues. However, the government cannot do much to help these people. Furthermore, the choices of individuals greatly affect the overall health condition of a nation. Thus, each person should choose more suitable food according to their own physical conditions, and retain a kind of good eating habit for long term so as to have a healthier lifestyle. In shorts, there are several reasons for health problem, and I strongly believe that both governments and individuals should join hands to improve the situation.
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