some government have banned smoking in public places

First of all, smkoking effect more health of the human. Not only the smokers but also the community and social. Specially, children is easily influented in the growing stages. For example, in the crowd one person smoke, everyone aroud must suffer cigarettes smoke and they also have risk respiratory disease, cancers... Honestly it is proven that cigarettes consist many kind of toxics causing serious harm to a person's healt. the number of people who died each year from smoking with heart diseases, lung cancer... Another reason, the smell of cigarettes make everyone around unpleasant and annoying. To illustrate, in the restaurant, cafe or workplace, cigarette smells clinging to food and clothes. It makes them unfortable and the one is implolite to everyone around. In addition to, smoking affect to the environment destroyed day by day by cigarette and making cigarettes. Morever it takes more money for tabacoo production In summary, the government decided correctly in banning smoking in public places. This help the country dicrease death rate caused by tabacco diseases and a positive develpoment.
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