Some people think that it is more beneficial to take part in sports which are played in teams, like football, while other people think that taking part in individual sports, like tennis or swimming, is better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sports bring many benefits to our life as we know, particular when we stress or ill, it supports to improve our health and mind. In modern life, more convenient technologies were created go along with many categories of sport appear such as gym, basketball, or badminton etc. It is hard to say play sport in team and in individual which one has more advantage than another because we can take benefit from sport up to our demand and ability. On the one hand, take part in team sport assistant people develop work in pair skills and the relationship with their partners. For instant, football player need to aware of their partners when is necessary to pass and the time they need to shoot with supports from other player in team. If people want to practice their ability in teamwork as well as solidarity, sports which are played in teams are the perfect choice. It is not only improves our health but also connect people together. On the other hand, after work and study hard, individual sports like swimming, tennis help people get better in body and mind. As far as we know, the more we play those sports the more we strong and avoid the influence of sickness. For example, swimming is one of the best personal sports that bring profit to our health and maybe develop the height of people. To summarize, both team and individual sports have own benefit to human. Depend on facility that we can choose any sport that fit to us or learn many different kind of sport to improve health and other skills.
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