Nowadays, most people try to achieve a balance between work and other parts of their lives. Unfortunately, not many achieve this balance. What are the problems which prevent them? Suggest some solutions.

It is true that in contemporary society many people would like to balance work with other commitments and leisure time. While this is not easy to achieve, it is possible to overcome some of the obstacles and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. There are two aspects of work which make huge demands on employees today. Firstly, the modern working environment can be extremely stressful. Even if employees have a desk job, they may have to cope with a heavy workload, leaving them exhausted at the end of the day. Then, time must be spent commuting home where there is cooking to be done, cleaning and looking after children. Secondly, the workplace is very competitive, and few people are able to pursue a successful career. Many workers put in extra hours, to improve their promotion opportunities and move up the career ladder. However, there are solutions which will contribute towards a better work-life balance. In terms of work, it may be better to have no career ambitions and, instead, to have a steady job with supportive work colleagues. To avoid rush hour traffic jams, flexible working hours would make commuting easier and quicker. From the perspective of life outside work, people would then have the time and energy to take up sport or gentle exercise. The British, for example, love to walk their dogs. Instead of earning high salaries to spend on consumer products, workers could earn less and enjoy simpler lifestyles, with more time for their families or friends. In conclusion, although it is difficult to achieve the right balance between work and other parts of life, it is possible to do so by living more simply with less work-related stress.
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