Write an essay (500-700 words) about a place making you proke intimacy

I have been a fan of cosmics especially Conan Detective since I was a child. Therefore, I always have a great ambition to set foot on British soil where there is Big Ben – the largest Clock Tower in the world and it is also the place where the main character confesses his love to his childhood girlfriend. Big Ben is the great bell in the clock tower on the eastern end of the Houses of Parliament in London. The booming 13.5 ton bells first rang out in 1859. Officially Big Ben is only the name of the biggest of the five bells in the clock tower also known as St Stephen’s Tower. Big Ben, though, is a very striking and enormous landscape, it brings me to evoke intimacy whenever I hear its name even I have never visited this place. Firstly, Big Ben is obviously famous place where many people all over the world like me want to visit. I also spend my time to find out and research on Big Ben very much. I watch movies, read magazines even collect pictures which relate to Big Ben. Therefore, it’s beneficial for me to enrich the knowledge about Big Ben as well as England. As a result, whenever I see images or hear any information about Big Ben, I always feel very familiar with this name. Big Ben even appears in my mind magically and it looks as if I were in the front of it. I am really burning to know how Big Ben is in real life. Furthermore, because I’m greatly keen on reading Conan Detective cosmic, I love both of main characters: Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mori. They are friends, soulmates even a very adorable couple who all readers admire. I am specially into the moment when Shin bravely makes a very great decision to bare his heart to Ran under the Big Ben. It is undoubtedly romantic scene which totally makes everyone moved. Big Ben seems to become a witness for love of Shin and Ran. This also induce me to keep falling back into memories in the past when I was given a beautiful watch with a small Big Ben image insides on my birthday from my dear friend. He surprisingly gave me a small box and told me not to open it until he went. I was still extremely delighted though whatever his gift was. However, I did not know that it was the last time I met him as well as the last watch he gave to me. It is believed that Big Ben is a very crucial architectural landmark of London with its extraordinary beauty. People come and admire Big Ben and hustle in the crowd in order to capture original Big Ben images. Nonetheless, when time passes, people leave, and Big Ben turns back its silent way which it has existed for a long time. No one says, nothing changes and Big Ben still stands alone and continues its duty. In a certain time, I feel like I know the feeling of loneliness when I work, gossip and laugh with my friends, my companions, or all people around everyday, and after those very busy days, I just feel alone even isolated at night. I seem not be able to confide in an empathetic person who can help me. I have also suffered from this mood; so it is easier for me to understand as well as sympathize with Big Ben. “Who you are or how you value” may be questions we tend to wonder everyday, every night but we have no answer. No one can help us to give clear and specific explanation. I am also aware of this but it is more significant for me to show my strengths, my value by actions instead of waiting for compliments from others. Big Ben is the same as me because it has stood alone day by day, from years to years and is completely responsible for adjusting the time in the world. In brief, not only is Big Ben my very beloved place but also my healing one. Thanks to it, I seem to make effort to study, to do progressively so as to pursue my dream. One day, I will have my own photos with my gorgeous Big Ben.
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