Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their functions. Do you agree or disagree?

Many people argue that public libraries are no longer necessary because of the development of technology. While I agree that online libraries bring various benefits for people, I would believe that it is still worth spending money on maintaining physical libraries. One the one hand, there are two main advantages of online sources. Firstly, in the technology era, it is definitely easy and convenient for people to acquire information online whenever and wherever they want without visiting traditional libraries. This is, therefore, beneficial to those who have a busy schedule and cannot attend these places during the operating hours. Secondly, the storage of information in online sources is far greater than the public libraries. This facilitates the research needs of individual in the different aspects. One the other hand, I would argue that those online sources can never replace public libraries’ functions. Many senior people are incapable of using technology, and thus they find it quite difficult in accessing online libraries. As a result, physical libraries are still their first choice to acquire information. Furthermore, traditional libraries can be considered a reliable source of information, compared to the online ones. The reason is that these day, information can be easily posted online without any assessment or categorize, while the sources in public libraries are frequently and carefully selected and categorized by library staff members. In conclusion, despite the obvious advantages of online sources of information, in my opinion, there are sufficient grounds to reject the view that maintaining physical libraries is unnecessary.
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