Scientists say that in the future humanity will speak the same language. Do you think this is positive or negative?

In order to meet the goal of easy access to the understanding of various countries’ culture, some people hold the view that mankind only need one language for all nations. In several ways, human beings may benefit from this kind of language. However, I believe the disadvantages eclipse the advantages . On the positive side , The all-in-one language is of great importance for mass tourism without language barrier. The truth holds that travelers can explore a country’s culture straightforwardly and do not need to pay the amount of money for translators, which also results in increasing incomes for the host country. Furthermore, there is no requirement of studying foreign language for people who want to study oversea. As a consequence, students can take the golden chance of accessing a high-quality education system in a developed country. Nevertheless, all of us have the same language which may exert probably detrimental problems . Initially, it is irrefutable fact that most countries have their own language which symbolizes its unique culture. Therefore , the idea of setting alternative language may lead to the erosion of culture identity from ancient years. Secondly, it creates unfairness for people who are good at learning foreign language which is a field that they can gain a competitive edge. In other words , Many careers such as tour guides , foreign teachers can encounter such a financially precarious position as they cannot earn profit from their profession. To recapitulate briefly, the drawbacks of saying similar language overshadow the benefits. From my perspective, I would argue that approach is an immoral practice which must be discouraged at any cost.
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