Nowadays, some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works by using computers. Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that via computers, people can access to the information of historical items and artefacts, museums and art exhibitions are of little importance in these years. While i accept that people can use computers to view those items, i would say that museums and art galleries are also pivotal and should continue be valued. It is understandable as to why people can obtain information about historical samples and work of art on computers , rather than visit the museums and art galleries. First, this practice which enables people to search for an object with just typing a few characters, saves people a large amount of time. Rather than travelling and spending nearly a day on museums and art exhibits, they can access any information from their bedrooms at any time that they want. Second, with the advent of scanning technology available on the Internet, people can see more details of a historical item or an art work. Art learners, for example, can zoom either in or out an image to view patterns of a piece of painting is even difficult for naked eye to see. Nevertheless, i would argue that the value of public museums and art galleries should not be underestimated. Visiting some places like museums and art exhibits can provide people with hands-on experiences. While people can feel an artefact on a screen from only one sense that is vision, at an actual place, they are inclined to employ more other their senses like touch. In addition, museums and galleries containning reliable sources of information tend to be maintained by a group of experts, who recognizes whether the objects are historically important. Contrary to these places, Computer-based information are often obtained and collected by odinary people, which might be unreliable. In conclusion, it seems to me that online presentations can offer convienent way for people to obtain information on historical or art works, but it cannot replace the exhibition halls and art galleries.
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