Some people believe that schools should only teach children subjects which are beneficial to their future career and therefore other subjects such as music and sports are not important. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There has been an upsurge in practical knowledge in recent years. What people are more concerned is whether work-based subjects are crucial in preparing for children in the real life, rather than other courses like music and sports. In my opinion, I agree that children should only do courses, which are related to their future pursuits. There are some reasons why schools should put their emphasis on courses that assist students to begin their future career. The first reason is that those subjects might give learners motivation to gain higher academic achievement. Only when children’s interest in particular fields are kindled can they make arduous effort to concentrate on learning and doing exercises. By doing this way, not only can children improve their academic attainment, but also countries can have more productive and well-cultivated workers in the future. Additionally, the application of job-related subjects in school curriculums can orient students to follow their own particular career like science or medical, balancing competitive market in the future. This can be seen in Vietnam, where most of students only focus on studying economics and finance, leading to a higher rate of unemployment. Apart from job-related knowledge, schools cannot shirk the responsibilities for enhancing, diversifying and consolidating the skills students can use in many life situations. Learning some subjects like music and sports can help children to acquire and cultivate some necessary skills that are not available in vocational subjects. For example, by organizing sports and other physical activities, the schools can help students enhance their team-building and leadership skills. Furthermore, the participation in some extra-curricular subjects like music and sports enable students to relieve stress. In conclusion, it appears that job-related subjects, with their benefits, are set to remain an integral part in school curriculums. However, schools should also consider the significance of extra-curricular subjects like music and sports as students can enjoy their life and develop skills.
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