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In most education systems nowadays, academic disciplines bringing about merits for students' careers are being prioritized over some other subjects such as music and sports. Although such viewpoint does have some benefits, I believe putting other subjects to unnecessity should be rejected for the comprehensive development of adolescences.
Nowadays, people believe that schools should only teach the subjects which are beneficial to the student for their ultimate career. They, also believe that less liked the topics like music and sports should be excluded. However, this things plays an important role in everybody's life. I believe, every subject is important.
Currently, the world is revolving around science and technology. Some people , therefore, argue that schools should teach subjects which are essential to children's future career rather than the arts. I completely disagree with this statement mainly because music and sports help students to perform better in other subjects and some people are living large through them.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the purpose that school education serves. However, what kind of knowledge and skills schools should mainly provide to offspring is a controversial issue. My view is that career-related knowledge and skills should be mainly focus of educational establishment.
Schools are considered as temples of education and foundation of a child's future. There are a few who argue that alma mater should teach only academic subjects which will be helpful for students in future while there are others who believe extra curricular subjects are equally important and should be taught to pupils. I completely agree with the latter view.
Today, the principles and values are not appreciated correctly, and some people’s worth are judged erroneous. I am fully agreed with this opinion, and I believe this is a major problem for the society. To explain my position, I would like to mention that, unfortunately people are divided by status categories and the most important one is the financial status. If a person is rich, then his level is higher than others who can be more intelligent but poor. I had a such experience when I lived in the village, and I was at the general school. I had to prepare and learn twice or harder than other rich parent’s children. It there were organised some important events, I was the last child invited, or even totally ignored. So, from that time, I understood that life is not fear, and that money can talk.
Many individuals hold a belief that education institutions ought to focus on providing practical courses that turn students into qualified employees in the future, which means that other subjects like music and sports can be skipped. In my opinion, extra-curriculum activities can bring a variety of benefits to young learners.
It is common that schools deliver both academic and non-academic curriculums to students. Some suggest that schools should only provide education on career-related subjects, whereas others provoke that kids should be exposed to all-rounded learning, including sports and music. This essay agrees to the latter notion and will discuss the pros and cons of the ideas in the following paragraphs.
It has been suggested that schools should only focus on teaching academic subjects since they are vitally important to children’s future career path. Therefore, other subjects such as sports and music should be ignored. Nevertheless, I completely disagree with this view because of the following reasons.
It is irrefutable that school study is a foundation of a future. It is a debatable issue that school should teach only the subjects that gives benefit to the future rather than subjects like music and sports. However, I disagree with this statement that music and sports subjects are useless.
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