Some people believe that tourists should accept social and environment responsibility While others believe that tourists should not accept any responsiblity at all.To what Extend do you agree or disagree.

People from other places who came to Explore the tourist places has social obligation.I completely agree with the above statement.Besides,sightseeing,adventuring or whatever way there being thrilled,they have to look after their Surroundings.I will outline in the essay,the major threats possessed by them to the environment. It is a common practise for the visitors to throw garbage. Whenever they go around an area they would carry the usual food stuffs.Although there are many waste dumping buckets,yet they drops in the area convenient for them.These waste gets accumalated and it degrades the ambience of place. For instance,india well known ganga river had been tourist spot earlier,but now the individuals cannot approach the area due to water pollution. Secondly,the buzz made by them is annoying to the nearby communities.The tourists may not even consider the place regardless they may sing or roar aloud,consequenty The inhabitants sleep might gets interrupted.To illustrate In a camp fire,they have no control of their senses,extremely jovious at that moment. To sum up,tourists should be conscious of their acts.If it is harmful to the society and environment they must refrain from it.Tourists aim should be not only visit the places,but also maintain the ambience of it.
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