In many countries, people working in sport and entertainment earn much more money than professionals like doctors, nurses, and teachers. Why do you think this happens in some societies? Do you consider it good or bad?

It is true that sportsmen and entertainers are generally richer than professional workers such as doctors, nurses and teachers. This is due to the fact that these celebrities attract a large following and therefore can earn money in many ways. I personally believe that this wealth gap is justified by their hard work and willingness to deal with public pressure. The main reason why people working in sport and entertainment are better-off is that they are much more popular and thus benefit from this celebrity status. Apart from their main job, well-known athletes can secure lucrative contracts with sporting brands to endorse their products. Actors or singers may allow fashion companies to use their image in exchange for a huge sum of royalty. By contrast, professionals like doctors or teachers provide their services to a limited number of people, and can only get paid accordingly. I would argue that celebrities earn great wealth through their efforts to improve themselves and face up to public scrutiny. Firstly, this line of work is extremely competitive; would-be entertainers need to have a combination of luck and talent to stand out, otherwise they may end up worse-off than an average worker. Even celebrities can be reduced to has-beens if they do not adjust to the ever-changing demands of the public. Secondly, famous people has less privacy and are often troubled by fabricated news and sensationalism. These negative aspects can be considered a price to pay for a life under the spotlight. In comparison, a professional can enjoy work and life separately and face much less competition. In conclusion, compared to professional workers, sport stars and entertainers indulge in a wealthier lifestyle thanks to their greater popularity. This is rightly earned through their application and at their own privacy sacrifice.
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