Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Other, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed school. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People think that going to single-sex school exerts a positive impact on education of students. Meanwhile, mixed school is believed to bring more advantages for boys and girls. Personally, I support the later opinion and justifications are as follows. On the one hand, some educationalists think it is more effective to educate boys and girls in separate schools have their own justifications. Firstly, they believe this environment reduces distractions and encourages pupils to concentrate on their study. The most common factor that have a negative impact on studying is love in the early age. When teenage boys and girls fall in love with each other, they hardly have the ability to control their feelings and their behaviors. Thus they may waste time on thinking about their lovers, missing their girlfriends or boyfriends, instead of doing homework or working hard for the exams. Secondly, single-sex school allows more equality among pupils and gives more opportunity to all those at the school to choose subjects more freely without gender prejudice. For example, a much higher proportion of girls studying science subjects such as math, physical, chemistry which are considered as male’s field in girl’s schools than their counterparts in mixed schools do. Likewise, boys in single-schools have more chances to attend in cookery classes and to study languages, which are often thoughts as traditional subjects for girls. On the other hand, I believe that parents should send their children to mixed schools because it would be a big help for their future lives. Girls and boys learn to live and work together from an early age and know how to interact with opposite sex. Studying in a single gender environment for the whole of school time, children may be shy and embarrassed in their relationships in the future. In addition Registering for mixed school means they have chance to meeting more kinds of people, which teaching them useful communicate skill, helping them experience different types of skill and talent. Personally, I think there are advantages in both system
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