International tourism is the world’s biggest industry. Unfortunately, this trend often causes tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures. Agree or disagree

In the modern society , people tend to take a journey more than ever before . This could lead to the growing industry of tourism. While some people argue that this trend bring some issues, I believe that this is a better manner for the close-knit relationships over the globe. For a variety of reasonswhy visitor could adverse affect this nation. Firstly, the amount of traveller comming to other areas might dramatical increases, which the government could not control entirely such as environment , heritage ,so forth. It means , the unawareness of those might be shortage view , they not only litter but also detroy some heritage belonging to the nation assets. Secondly, some of them have a tendency for finding a decent job , which might threat the career opportunity of the local. Appart from the concerned above, I also believe that people get closer to each other with different backgrounds via travelling to the other nation. This is due to the fact that travelling is essential to broaden one's mind and knowledge. That is , the diversified food could be bridged a gap throught going oversea , which not only attempt a new one but enjoying cuisines with fully atmosphere. In addition, people have access to the new custom opposited with their country . Travelling also seem like a harmonious way between each nation , leading the enlarge budget of the governmet via the taxation system. To sum up , it is undeniable that there are still issues from the tourism industry , I would be believe that this industry not only could boost income of the nation but also enhance the knowledgr of both local and foreigner.
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