Society is based on the rules and laws. It could not function if individuals were free to do whatever they wanted. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It cannot be denied that regulations and laws are set in order to control the whole country. When it comes to this, it is believed that if people can do anything regrardless of following rules, it is harmfulness to the management of society. For several reasons which are going to be elucidated in these ensuing paragraphs, I totally concur. To begin with, rules and regulations are set to ensure the stability of society. Obviously, people are likely to suffer chaos without enforcements. The reason is that there are several offenders such as thieves, robberies and others similar to this in case people do not need to obey the laws affects seriously to the security of certain countries. Such being this case, people could not be allowed to do anything based on their preferences without abiding by regulations. Another indubitable to support what I think is to reduce the number of ciminals as well as offenders in each country. To elaborate, rules and regulations must be abide by all citizens without exception which means any persons who breaking the laws will be punished, simultaneously, the level of crimes will be reduced. Taking some cases in the past as an clear example, several lawbreakers attacked others aggressively by using sharp objects or weapons, particularly in the young generation because there were not variety of laws and regulations. Therefore, laws play an vital role to decrease the statistics of ciminals. To conclude, I adhere the idea that having rules and regulations is typically important to the existence of every nation inasmuch as the importance of these implementations. It is considered to make sure the steadiness of society as well as minimize the number of ciminals.
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