It is general believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not.However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician. Discuss both these views and give your own opinions

Natural talent, such as sports or music is thought that children can be trained to be good at sports or music. While it is true for some extent, I think that learning music or sports is able to depend on the potential of each child. Obviously, to become the good sports or music performers possibly depends on favourite and training method.About the favorite, children would learn or practice about sports or music regularly, if they are very keen on performing music or sports. Despite getting failure, they may not feel stressful during learning period. Plus, they also have the motivation to improve their skills as well as enrich their knownledge about their sections ,especially sports or music. Moreover, optimal methods also play the crucial role in educating children to become the talented sports people or means that the trainers are straightforward to find their students's weaknesses or strenghts.Furthermore, they can give the useful pieces of adives for each students to make their students's talent improved. Additionally, young people are able to feel enthusiastic about learning sports or music by the optimal training programs. On the other aspect, young people who have potential about sports or music are piece of cake to be good sports players or musicians. For example, as Tran Duc Vien,, the one of most well-reputated people in entertainment, said that it will be challenging for young people who are very keen on working at entertainment such as musicians or artitsts to be successful without potentials. It shows the truth that sports or music require children to have the qualities and potential to learn how to perform them professionally and might be the challenge for children to learn. In conclusion, although children having hobby about sports or musics can become successful performers, the potential is also the factor of being good sport players or musicians. I strongly agree that children are able to be trained to perform sports or music well.
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