Lack of fresh water is becoming a global issue of increasing importance. What problems does this shortage cause? What measures could be taken to overcome these problems?

Fresh water inadequecy has become a global challenge in the current situation. It is the need of hour to adress this issue at a global scale. In my opinion, the various facets of envioronmental mangement should be applied to check this global problem. The shortage of fresh water can lead to various problems. Firstly , this will impact the day to day life of a common man. It would not only impact the basic living style of the people , but it would also break the equilibrium of the surrounding ecosystem . For example, drinking water shortage would directly impact on the survival of mankind and cascading impact can be as sever as critical illness and fatal health disorders. Secondly , due to the shortage of fresh water , people would try to discover other alternative water reservoiers such as sea water etc. This can lead to surviaval for existence situation , resulting in searious health hazards due to water contamination, downside growth of economy and the entire global population. There are several precautions need to be taken care in order to prevent fresh water shortage . Prevention of deforestation is the first major step to prevent this global issue. Apart from that , preserving rivers , controlling environmental pollution , creating awareness of plantation can help in adressing this issue . In conclusion , with skyrocketing population and alarming rate of pollution , strict measures should be taken care to adress this gloabl challenge of inadequency in Fresh water . Otherwise , days are not far when the entire mankind will be victimized and will be pushed to witness serious consequences as never encountered before.
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