Write about the following topic: Many people choose natural healing methods, such as acupuncture and massage therapy to recover from illness. Others prefer to use pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by their doctor for their alignments. Discuss both views and give reasons for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The Current medical can be broadly classified into two ways of healing methods, namely the natural healing method and using the pharmaceutical drugs i.e the allopathy. Many people nowadays have more broader undertanding of what they had prefer to trat theirmedical ailnment. Every individual with their experience or response to the treatment prefer one choice over the other. Natural healing method like accupunture, massage therapy, oil treatment which has more of physical treatment by an expert is being prefered more. I believe in this scenario, because of 2 main reason, firstly the side effects of this mode of treatment is minimal, secondly because of the natural way of healing the would not mostly involve oil and threapy. With the ease of free advertisment through internet easier approach to these facilities around the world. Some of these treatments would also need one to have patience and time as most of the ailments take good amount of time to respond to natural treatments. On the other hand majority of people prefer to use the pharmaceutical drugs. It is a much more easier option in terms of both accessbility and availability. The pharmaceutical industry is widely spread and well advertised that most of us would not even think twice before taking tablets prescibed by our doctor.But it is also true that the industry has progressed to well and with many advanced techniques it is able provide solutions to varied health issues from small cold to even heart transplantations. The choice between both the methods is a complete situational choice. For example one of my collegue who suffered from a auto immune disease preferred to choose allopathy for a long time only to realize that she was not responding to any medication ultimately forcing her to choose naturapathy. Both the options are great ways of treating an ailments. Depending upon varied factores and their ailments one has to make a prudent choice between the two. Luckily with more availabilty of internet one is able to approach the natural healing methods.
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