Some people think the developments of technology make people's life more complex, so we should make life simpler without using technology. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Over the past century, science and technology have developed unprecedentedly and changed every aspect of people’s lives. Some people suggest a simple lifestyle without using modern technology. From my perspective, technology brings about higher efficiency and convenience, even though it poses confusion and disorder in some circumstances. The benefits of modern technology are multiple. There is no denying the fact that computer technology has significantly improved the productivity of society. Owing to the proliferation and the widespread use of the Internet, people gain more access to information or knowledge than ever before, which will enrich their horizons. In lieu of attending the library, people can acquire the information they need with the click of a mouse. In addition, emails and mobile phones enable people to stay in touch with their business partners and friends far more conveniently and efficiency, compared with the old way of going to the post office and meeting up with others in person. On the other hand, some people show their concern that modern technology leads to more complexity and inconvenience. For instance, a plethora of information on the Internet is questionable content. People spend most of their time surfing the Net, chatting on the web and deleting junk emails, which is a waste of time, thereby obtaining nothing from these meaningless activities. In spite of the voice that against the application of technology, I am confident to say that a better future of mankind lies with the development of science and technology. It is vital to be aware of the negative impacts of technology, but returning to the simple life without technology is by no means a solution.
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