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Technology has made numerous changes in humans’ life. Some individuals believe that the advancement of technology has increased the life’s complexity, and it is better to live without technology to have a straightforward
In this modern era , No doubt technology plays an important role in human life . Some people believe that because of this development such as TV screens people do not need to go to any live concerts. I partially agree wi
Nowadays, when a tendency for significant growth in technologies can be observed , some people believe that the impact of this change complicates their lives. It is agreed, that the risk of the appearance of some negat
Nowadays, when a tendency for significant growth in technologies can be observed , some people believe that impact of this change complicates their lives. It is agreed, that the risk of appearance some negative effects c
Some say the technological developments have altered our life more complicated and the viable answer to this problem is to quit using technology for more simple life. I totally disagree with this statement because techno
Currently, the technology is developing rapidly. It can be seen from the external environment that it is developing so much. Even in educational institutions, robots will be employed. I think this is a big mistake
Technology has made it possible a convenient and efficient life. However, some claim that the advancement of technology is making our lives too complex, and the solution is for each person to accept a simple way of life
In today's modern era, mechanism plays a crucial role in our daily schedule. Some argue that advancements in machinery have made life more complicated, suggesting that the only way to simplify lifestyle is to completely
Development in technology has always played a significant role in bringing change in the life of people. It is said that the earlier technological advancements have been more beneficial than the recent ones to ordinary
I strongly agree, recent development in technology have made the T.Y screen so live that a people not need to go for any live performance. As technology like 3D have introduces, T.V screen give vibe that it is really.
It is believed that modern technology is beneficial for individuals in life. It would be wiser to revert to the older and simpler ways of life. I believe that life without technology is unimaginable and technology does
Technology has revolutionised our lives. Whereas, some people argue that instead of making lives easy, technology has made human lives difficult. In my opinion, technology has positively impacted our lives in more ways t
These days, our technology has change drastically compare to the past. Television are now have the live function which gives many people an oppotunity to enjoy the live performance without being at the actual location. A
Undoubtedly, due to the advancement of technology, life has become complicated, however, I consider that living a simple life is not the only way to make life easier. In this essay, i shall elaborate supporting arguments
It is often argued that, modern day technology had fewer impact on our day-to-day life when compared with previously developed technology. In my opinion, I partially agree with the statement because I believe that presen
Due to the recent improvements in technology, programs on televisions have been shown with high resolution and so close to reality. Furthermore, this change makes individuals become reluctant to watch live performances
Some critics argue that advancements in technology contribute to a much more complicated life, and users would be better off if they avoid using technology. Although a complete ban on technology has its merits, I disagre
It is true that modern technologies have brought some complicated procedures into our life, so living without technologies could be the best solution. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this statement, and the follo
In modern days technology is revolutionizing every aspect of life. Some people argued that the development of television has provided that much comfort and shows. I agree with the statement and I will discuss my view in
The development in science and technology has made things possible which were once unimaginable like telecasting through which home theatre systems can experience despite the live performances. In my perspective, I favou
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