Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. Do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that the government should carry out and control scientific research instead of by private firms. I agree with this idea in my essay i will give reassons why we should do that. To begin with, there are some benefits of governments taking care of scientific research. Firstly, governments tend to pay more attention to research areas that can benefit society as a whole. The great examples are studies related to medicinal issues or environmental problems. In contrast, the private firms only focus on profit. Secondly, government can co operate with other nations to conduct on a large scale which require larger investment. For example, the production of plane which are carried out by six nations. On the other hand, I believe that private companies should also share the responsibility to conduct scientific research. The first reason is that private firms have large fund for scientific research and this help the scientific project which the government dont concentrate. For example, the scientific projects which bring humans live in other planets are done by private firms faster than government. The second reason is that since the private companies aim to earn profits, they would have more motivation to conduct research more quickly and efficiently. For instance, a large company called Tesla has been conducting massive research in order produce electric vehicles, and bring them ready for sale in the market. In conclusion, i believe that both governments and private companies should be involved in research activities.
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