Accidents are common on roads. What are the causes of this problem? Can you speculate the effects of this phenomenon and how could the frequency of accidents be reduced?

These days have been witnessing escalating numbers of cases of road collisions, which are of tremendous concern to most people. In my perspective, this problem can be probably attributable to two conceivable causes. The primary explanation for the frequent occurrences of road accidents is road users’ poor behaviors. These people often show a conspicuous lack of obedience to the traffic law, with countless incidents involving drivers’ speeding , consuming alcohol prior to driving, overlooking traffic signs, and similar driving offenses thereto. Roadway conditions are also responsible for this issue. Such determinant is particularly common when people travel to some far-off regions where roads are inferior in quality. For example, as the mountainous terrain is rather steep and rough, novice drivers may be exposed to a risk of steering off-course if they are not familiar with the route, a possibility that subsequently leads to accidents. Several consequences may result therefrom. Regarding implicated people, involvement in a road accident will likely cause either severe injuries, some leading to a permanent physical disability making them unable to work efficiently, or even fatalities. Consequently, this places physical, mental and financial burdens on their families as they undergo treatment. On a larger scale, it detrimentally affects the community as businesses’ productivity reduces with the absence of wounded workers while taxpayers suffer additional medical and legal costs as well as increased insurance premiums for parties concerned in the aftermath of the collisions. To effectively tackle this problem and halt its upward trend , efforts from governments should be made. It is essential that broken roadways be under regular maintenance or reconstruction to ensure the safety of road users. In addition, authorities need to implement stricter rules and regulations by imposing heavier punishment on habitual offenders, such as revoking their driving licenses. Schools at all levels do also have a role to play by including more educational programs in their curriculum on traffic laws, offending driving behaviors and potential consequences thereof. To conclude, minor flaws in driving manners and roadway conditions may result in various far-reaching implications on our lives. Drastic measures from governments and authorities are therefore instrumental in mitigating the issue.
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