It is important for children to learn the diffirence between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

The ability of recognizing between right and wrong is formed from very early years in a person’s lifetime. Thus some people are convinced that punishment is crucial in parenting in term of raising cognitive about good and bad. I advocate that raising children’s cognition, between right and wrong especially, should be done from toddler stage. There is a nuance characteristic among events happening around the world, so that learning how to distinguish and classify them into two opposite groups is inevitable. It is even more important to a small child. Our society is based on moral standard which needs to be learned and practiced. In many perceptions, people could judge others’ behaviors and actions in diffirent ways. The reason for that is that had raised in various situations and methods, either culprits or judgers. The cognitive formation is influenced by the teaching methods and the surrounding environment. Punishment is a effective complementary tool to remind them wether a past circumstance was bad of good. Otherwise, it is not that much miracle. If the sentences provoke those children relentlessly, it could bring on negative effects such as being misled by invert conception of distinction between good and bad. For example, typical crimes had had harst childhoods with imitations their parents’ incomprehensions about those terms. In conclusion, children should be taught compulsory how to perceive good and bad at soon as possible. Besides, punishment could be use to support teachers and parents in upbringing but it has to curb reverse effections.
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