A number of tertiary courses require students to undertake a period of unpaid work at art institution or organisation as part of their programe. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the type of courses requirement? Give reasons for your answers and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The curicullum of various courses needs to be updated with time. One of the prominent change is offereing the student to take up internships. most pof these beimg unpaid for. Taking up an internship as part of education can give a head start for a student about the real time work environment, but on the otherhand it would take up school time of student where he could've learned new subjects. There are many factors that support in favour of educational institutions for including internships during school time. One of the most prominent reason would be to give exposure to the student of work culture. Hence providing various learnings including, employee relationships, handling work pressure, communication between collegeus and work sharing. This wouldgive a peak into how his education would be used during work and his area of improvement towards ones's personality deve;lopment even before he heads into the real world. For example, professional like doctors would need to have prior experience in working with patients and learn more from senior doctors on the way they approach a situation. Also, from my own personal experience , I was able to make a prudent choice of the type of organization and carrer I had like to persue because of the 3 internship oppurtunites. On the contrary, for major number of students education during school is only time one would be spending on learning various subjects from professionals. So, some may prefer to learn some electives and gain more knowledge of a particular subject of interest in more depth. In conclusion, if an educational institution belives that an unpaid job would hel[p in overall develoment of students pursuing their tertiary education, they need to respect the course structure and complete their internships. Not necessarily this would always hinder the continuity in learning progress.
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