Every day, millions of tons of food are wasted all over the world. Why do you think this is happening? And how can we solve this problem?

It is true that a colossal amount of food are wasted from all corners of the world. Reasons for this vary, and steps need to be taken to tackle the problem. Firstly, today’s surplus supply of food is to blame for the food waste. With the advent of agricultural technology, farmers are likely to yield higher crops. Therefore, food is produced more than the amount that the whole population could possibly eat. In addition, produce which is perfectly edible but the wrong shape or size is more difficult to sell. As a result, they are unable to appear in supermarkets, let alone going to waste before they are served on the dining table. Another reason stems from the fact that people take food for granted. In this modern world, food is sold at a lower price, which makes people do not treasure the food they eat. Consequently, human tend to buy fresh ingredients without feeling the need to keep food in fridges and turn leftovers into a nice meal later. Discarding food right after the meals, for example, is likely to contribute to the gargantuan scale of food waste. However, the problem described above is not intractable. The simplest measure is that the government should launch campaigns to raise public awareness of detrimental effects of food waste. In doing so, citizens may understand the seriousness of harms by throwing food products away. Another remedy is that taxes should be imposed on the food industry. This solution may discourage people from buying or ordering more than they actually need. In conclusion, the fact that wasting food happening on a colossal scale is attributable to several factors. This issue can be handled by adopting the above-mentioned suggestions.
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