Nowadays, experience is more valued in the workplace than knowledge in many countries. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Most of company in many nations requires applicant having some experience years before decide to recruit. However, experience would not be the key factor for staff’s performance and efficiency. In my opinion, valuing experience more than knowledge has many negative effect. One reason is not esteeming knowledge will reduce the company’s business results by increasing the time to do one task. Knowledge is a base to do every affairs and people only can complete their missions quickly and exactly if their learning is good and be put into practice rightly. Having 3 or 5 years of experience means the employee had done many works, but they will be altered at different time or different places. If staffs do not know their tasks clearly, it will be completely new for them when the changes occur, so they must take time to study. Some people might claim that hiring people who had worked several years is good for both company and worker. Company can cut their cost of training staffs as they don’t need to teach them about how to do the works,, reducing time and money. Likewise, staffs will be acquainted with ẹnjoying the new environment as they have had many skills which the university does not give them as making a relationship, solving the unpredictable problems or managing time properly. However, they forget that changing people’s working style the big problems. DIfferent companies have different culture, so they have to tell new staff about it regardless of their experience. When companies choose the candidate who had worked for several firms and been affected about their old workplaces it is difficult for employees to change into the new one immediately, even requires a long time. In contradict, it is better to hire the person who lacks of experience but good at knowledge, since company can have the staffs who understand their culture quickly and have good results according to the knowledge. In conclusion, both experience and knowledge have a equal importance. Entrepreneurs should balance them in recruiting employees to have the best squad instead of only paying attention to experience.
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