Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

It is obvious that customers are likely to buy products easier worldwide since there are more and more countries have been selling similar commodities. While this practice may contribute a variety of advantages, there are still drawbacks people and nations could face. On the one hand, the fact that many people could easily buy things around the world may bring a lot of plus points. First, customers will have more choices in purchasing. Taking smartphones as an example, people nowadays could buy a smartphone from a wide range of brands that come from countries such as the U.S, Korea or China. In addition, this practice might pave a way for buyers to get products with good deals because the more nations manufacture the same products, the more competitiveness is. This results in many golden opportunities for customers to purchase more affordable goods. Besides, since each nation might have to compete with others in the same field. They need to develop and enhance their products, so there will be more and more high – quality products for customers to choose. However, when nations strive to produce same products, they may forget to build theirs images with customers. This could lead potential customers not to recognize the unique image of a country. An illustration for this is the way people promote tourism in vietnam. Since the managers of tourism in this country still offer the same products like other rivals in southeast asia, the influence of tourism in vienam is likely no to give customers exact the cultural identity Vietnam want to deliver. Another issue that countries are facing comes from the increasing number of low – quality products which have brand names of a country. Consequently, this may ruin the reputation of the nation and companies whose names are used on poor – quality goods. In conclusion, there are many positive effects that people could reap from the development of selling the same products among countries. However,the negative matters are still happening with this practice.
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