Animals are in danger of extinction. Some people say that we should protect only those animals, which are useful to humans. Do you agree or disagree?

Animals such as humans are an important part of the nature and whole earth. Because of civilization progress and modern technologies, many animal species are in threat of not existing in future or losing their natural habits. While some people consider the protection only for those animals that contribute to humans, others disagree. Nowadays, there are various negative environment effects and problems caused by civilization progress. Because of climate changes, pollution of many locations and deforestation, many species are in a danger. Additionally, in recent years people have started to protect those animals that are crucial for humans, such as bees. The reason for taking care only for useful animals is because there is not enough financial support to save all species. What is more, many animals live on locations that are unique on the Earth, for instance deserts and jungles and it is hard to replace these locations with other places. Unfortunately, if civilization continues polluting an environment, there will not be enough time to protect all species. However, people's priority should be taking care of all species. Many insects or other animals do not help directly to humans, but their contribution to ecosystem is crucial for nature stability. For instance, beavers are not useful to humans, however, they are important for rivers and making dams. In conclusion, there is a big threat of many species' extinction. In my opinion, I firmly disagree with the statement because all animals contribute to nature and its stability. It is not important how useful they are to humans, but how crucial are for environment. To be honest, without ecosystem and nature, there will not be civilization.
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