International tourism is now more common than ever before. Do the advantages of international tourism outweigh the disadvantages?

People have different views about the impacts of global tourism, which has flourished over the past few decades. While I accept that the explosion of international travel comes with a number of disadvantages, I would argue that its benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks. On the one hand, there are several downsides brought by the influx of international tourists. Firstly, this trend is often associated with a rise in the cost of living that negatively affects local residents. This is because greater demand for goods and services from tourists may lead to price hikes in tourist destinations, making it more difficult for local people, especially in developing countries, to meet their basic daily needs. Another possible issue caused by global tourism is the threat of infectious diseases spreading across borders. International travel is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to carry deadly viruses into a country, and the result of this is devastating. However, I believe that the development of cross-border travel has more merits than problems. Firstly, traveling to foreign countries enables people to explore other cultures which can help develop cultural sensitivity and tolerance as well as promote mutual understanding among individuals and communities. From an economic perspective, tourism services require a large pool of human resources working in accommodation establishments and entertainment spots, creating abundant job opportunities for local inhabitants. In addition, these tourism-related businesses also generate a huge source of income. Not only can this tourism revenue be utilized to preserve and restore historic buildings and monuments, but it can also be allocated to other important sectors such as education, transportation and health care. In conclusion, although the increase in the number of visitors travelling abroad may result in several problems, I am convinced that international tourism has such far-reaching economic and cultural significance that makes it an indispensable industry.
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