Government should spend more money on medical research and less on researching the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people nowadays believe that the state should spend less funds on researching the
and more on medical research.
essay disagrees with
statement because studying different aspects of
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the environment
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could help prevent and find cures for different varieties of diseases.
To begin
with, it is noticeable that by improving the
, the effects of many diseases would be less destructive and some of them could be prevented before going viral.
For example
, one of the main reasons for lung cancer
this days
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this day
these days
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is air pollution which is caused by jungles getting wiped out by natural and human causes.
, many governments have tried to put a stop to
by researching how to revive the lost jungles with the help of
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important act showed its result with the number of lung cancer patients getting lower within 5 years.
, the other worth mentioning reason is that many of the elements needed for medical research can be found in the
around us.
, these elements would be needed to find a cure for many illnesses
as the bird flu.
For instance
, 5 decades ago
flu was a major problem in all countries
, a group of researchers
along with
help from the British government ,figured out that
sickness could be cured with a vaccine made out of a very rare bacteria which could be found in some specific rain forests. Because of
, the bird flu is now cured. In conclusion, the outcome of spending both money and time on
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the environment
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is unquestionably worth it.
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