When designing a building, the most important factor is intended use of the building rather than its outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

it is undeniably true that life a nation is unmimagable without designing a building the most piviot factor is intentional use of the production rather than its outwords appearance . I srongly agree with the statement presented i elucidate my stand in the following paragraphs . to begin with, there are number of building development in our nation such as hospitals colledge industreis societies . the ample of building to making a news designing its looks like a so beautiful and provide the proper infrastructure in the building anyone can attract when he see the new designing building they lik to go in this building some people do not use the good material in the building its the bad consequence of our enviourment to examplify we can consider that some time earth quake come .if the building material will not good our building can be destroyed further more , the most of the school and the hospital outwords look is so beautiful whereas the internal enviounment is not better teacher are not provide the good education to their student when the student take the addmission in schools so it shows only outwords beauty and take the so money from parents one student can take the knowledge of study from normal school . they can learnt a lot of things . its dosent matter in the conclusion , i recapulate my viwes that immuerable anyone should not see the outworrds look of environment is triggled by myraid factors of people history of which some are delibrate to fulfill our need while the rest occur due to circumstances but need immediate attention .
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