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It is advocated by some people that in the planning of any building utility and functioning are most imperative as compare to the external beauty. I believed that both have equally important outer beauty should be noticed before construction.
It is widely believed that in design stage of a building, its function should be considered more important than its exterior. While I argue that appearance brings a lot of advantages, I totally agree with this idea.
it is undeniably true that life a nation is unmimagable without designing a building the most piviot factor is intentional use of the production rather than its outwords appearance . I srongly agree with the statement presented i elucidate my stand in the following paragraphs .
Designing a building is more complex than we think. In fact, it takes months to ideate and iterate a concept before it is built. While a number of people work on it, the debate on prioritizing its functionality over beauty is never-ending
It is believed that the usage of a building should be considered as the most important criterion in its design procedure instead of its exterior. In my view, some buildings are especially designed to attract people, transfer a message, or serve as a symbol, while in other buildings, their applications dominate the designing process.
People have an opine that the usage of the building is the significant factor when designing it instead of the outer appearance, whereas others have a viewpoint that the exterior aspect is the primary factor. I agree with the opinion that although the external beauty of a building is important, but if it is not useful, then the building is a waste.
When it comes to a new construction, it is argued that people should focus more on its functions than the outer aesthetic. In my opinion, I totally agree with this idea.
For quite a long time, high rise buildings have had been an integral part of any city. People have different opinions over the feasibility of the design. Usually, the most important question is what the exact purpose of the building is? But in some ,cases the overall look of the building also matters. This essay will explain the reason why in my opinion, it is vital to see the intention for the structure is being made instead of making it more attractive.
Nowadays, to construct a building we need look for many things, as it requires engineers and land in a most convenient area. it is very essential to keep in mind the purpose , However, Some argue that the outer appearance of the building is more important than the actual use of the building. I agree with the given statement that the usage of the building is more vital than the outer appearance.
Nowadays, there is a heated debate about the function of the building is to consider the outer appearances or the interior design. Some argue that the exterior is very crucial while others believe the opposite. to a certain extent, I agree that outer design is significant however, we can not ignore the inside design as well. this essay will describe both aspects.
It is believed that when a building is constructed, its practical use must be taken into consideration primarily. The outside appearance and the designing factor is not as essential as the deliberate function of the building. From my perspective, while buildings must serve intended purposes, the architectural style of a building is also of great importance.
People have different views regarding the importance of a building’s function in comparison to its exterior appearance. In my opinion, I agree with the idea that a construction’s purpose should be more highly valued than the appearance for several reasons.
Many people hold the view that the most vital element when design a building is the intended use of it than its external design. While I agree how a building is used is a key factor, I still believe that the outward appearance also holds an important role.
People one of the basic requirement is housing in this majority of them wants to be more comfortable for their living instead of its outer design. In my opinion, I fully agree that utilization of the place plays a key role instead of the building look. In the below paragraphs, I will elucidate with the examples.
People hold differing views regarding the importance of a building's function compared to exteral decoration when it comes to designing. In my opinion, I agree with the ideas that construction's purpose should be highly valued than outer design.
Design is one of the most important aspect in the construction of building.While designing a building some people believe that the purpose of the building is more important than the external appearance.I partially agree to this and in this essay will explain the details.
It is widely believed that in the design stage of a building, its function should be considered more important than how its exterior looks. Personally, I agree with this idea.
Construction industry has become a booming one and received a great deal of public concern around the world in recent years. Although the outside beauty of a building is an relatively important factor to be considered when designing a new one, a building’s function should still be more highly valued than any other elements.
While creating architecture of a building, the most vital factor is the intended use rather than its exterior looks. I certainly agree that usage is a more important aspect than appearance.
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