Schools have a limited amount of money to spend. Some people suggest that it should be spent on good teachers, while others say it should be used for buying equipment like computers. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

In situations where schools are facing crunch situations, they have an option either to spend on good teachers or on technology such as computers. This essay intends to look into both choices. However, I firmly believe that there are no technology shortcuts to good education, and even with limited resources, blended learning is the answer. Spending on hiring the best teachers is better because children require the ongoing guidance and encouragement to persevere in the school years. Caring supervision from human teachers is the only known way of generating motivation for the hours of a school day. While computers appear to engage students, the engagement is usually fleeting and children are soon distracted. No technology can provide the tailored attention for students that dedicated teachers can, and thus, attempts to use technology as a stand-in for capable teachers are bound to fail. There are some technology enthusiasts who claim that it is advantageous to spend on computers. They argue that computers are becoming better at providing customized direct instruction and at assessing student’s knowledge. They also say that computers are better at repetitive tasks like vocabulary drills. Teachers find these jobs very monotonous. Therefore, they opine that computers are better. I believe that even though the resources of schools are limited, the focus should be on blended learning. Both teachers and technology are important. Resources should be equally spent on both. Blended learning allows much of the work of basic instruction to be done by computers so that teachers can keep students focused on studies and assess them from time to time. Blended learning does not eliminate teachers, but instead eliminates some of the job functions that teachers find most onerous. Technology will not improve our education system if we marginalize or eliminate teachers. Likewise, our education system will not meet modern needs until we incorporate technology. To sum up, for primary and secondary schools that are underperforming or limited in resources, efforts to improve education should allocate resources equally on both. We should focus on finding ways to let technology do what it does best so that we can allow teachers to do what they do best
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