Some people think the main purpose of education is to make individuals useful to society; others say education helps them to achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and fiver your opinion.

People have different views about what is the main goal of education. While some people argue that the main aim of studying is to have useful citizens, I believe that education can help people to achieve their potentials. On the one hand, there are those who claim that making helpful citizens to be beneficial for society is a key purpose of education. Firstly, as education provides people with essential knowledge, skills and qualification, people can seek employment more easily to sustain their lives. As a result, they can earn money by themselves without depending on social benefits, which may reduce a heavy financial burden on the government and taxpayers. Secondly, since schools usually offer ethical subjects to students, they can gain a deep knowledge of laws and are able to distinguish right from wrong actions. For example, in ethics classes, students are often heard the real stories about the severe consequences of illegal actions. This can contribute significantly to a reduction in crime rate. On the other hand, I agree with those who believe that the main propose of education is to help people to achieve personal desires. Primarily, thanks to education, people can have access to different learning fields that they are interested in. Therefore, this could help them to be well-prepared for their chosen future career. In addition, as people with good education and qualifications may find it easy to have a successful career with powerful jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and scientists, they are more likely to have a higher status in society. This helps them to receive others’ respect. In conclusion, while the major aim of education is to make citizens useful to society, I agree with the idea that it can also help people to reach their personal goals.
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