these days lots of people have their own computer and mobile its has become quite easy do job from home do you think it has more advantage and disadvantage to do work from home?

Its is true that , now a days people use their computer and technology for work or job at home because it is guide easy. This technologies has many advantages and disadvantage. These both consequences are discuss in the following paragraphs . First and the foremost reason is obesity . if nation will do comfort work through new technology then they have less hard workout in their daily life and it is the cause of many problems or desease like asthama ,least problem, blood pressure, tiredness . in adition to it effects on our body and beauty. Physical fit and good looking person do their job in an organization then they are doing hard work and them body is in motion .it reduces the laziness and show active. Furthermore it effects on the relationship because mostly people busy in the telephone and they have ten time for conversation with their family member .if they work in any organization then they discuss their day with their family member and they have time for the other hand job at home with the help of computer and telephone have good impact of persons because it is time saving person and stress free. They give their work easily in national and international level. More over the business at home through person’s own technology equipment helps in earning for students. Students start their on line work with their study so that they do not waste their time and are finacialy strong. In the conclusion , I recapulate that online business at home have both advantage and disadvantage . but I would argue that it has more disadvantage . no doubt technology smoth our life but health is wealth .
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