Stores should sell local food products and not the imported food products. Do you agree or disagree?

Big stores have always been a hub for people because of availability of wide variety of assorted food products. Recently, there has been a untoward concern whether stores should focus more on selling local food products over imported food products. I too believe, that local food products has more benefits over imported food products as they are fresh and can support local traders, farmers, businessmen and overall nations growth. To commence with, undoubtedly, imported food products will enhance the variety in their own category, yet, they cannot be treated as a substitute for local food products. Local food products ensures fresh food with no or less preservatives as they are grown in home country and does not necessitate the usage of preservatives, exception to this can be perishable products. Furthermore, Local food products supports small farmers, traders and businessman to enhance businesses and production which in-turn leads to the overall growth of the nation as money stays within the country, and can be used for development of public facilities. Nations supporting local food products tend to prosper more because of more focus on the growth of its people and businesses resulting in increased contribution to the country and its development. On the contrary, imported food products ensures the reach of the people to different variety of food products, however, these products require higher usage of preservatives as they travel across the nations border spending more time in transit. Enclosing freshness at the cost of preservatives have an negative impact on people’s health. As per a survey, more than 60% of imported food product have higher preservative contents than local food products which is resulting in a steep decline in their consumption. In summary, undoubtedly, imported food products add more color to the table, yet, local food products outweigh them in freshness, preservative content and nutritional value and stores should emphasis more on selling local food products than imported food products.
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