In recent years, people in many countries have been able to afford more material possessions such as electronic kitchen appliances, computers and vehicles. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this increased level of affluence, and give your opinion about whether this is a positive or negative development.

Today’s people in the world buy a lot of things such as kitchen equipment, cars or computers to serve for their life. This has resulted in rose perfectly consumption. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks impact on changing to spend. There are so great many reason for individual domestics to buy a car or computer. Firstly, people have a car can drive to many places they want that makes them get freedom. Also they can drive to job, this means they can obtain many different job which not depend on anything. Secondly, computer also more important chances to study or find out something we do not know or watch news or films that TV does not have. Especially, we can connected communication with other people in the world. Lastly, women always busy at work or chores therefore they need kitchen devices so that it can help them cleaning house or cooking. However, synonymous consumption bring on more disadvantage. One of the main problem is pollution, which come from the manufactory. Mode of production cars, computers or other appliances probably leads to use the amount of resource that increasing pollution levels. After producing, the proportion of cars supply to greenhouse gas release the environment which makes people ill. In addition, technology devices or kitchen equipment although they do not affect the environment but they also risky explosiveness and take up space in house. To sum up, the material possessions are necessary for real life but first of all we should aware of concern and protect the environment. Also need to balance these advantages between spending and detrimental environment.
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