Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think ,might be effective

Some individuals argue that the heightened price of petrol is the most effective method of tackling the problems pertaining to increasing traffic and environmental contamination. While I accept that this measure is good in some ways, I believe that there are better measures for this problem. In the one hand, I believe it is a good idea to raise the price of petrol. Intensified price of petrol may refrain city dwellers from using private vehicles, which might make a profound contribution to amelioration in air quality in major cities. For example, in countries such as Hong Kong, Norway, the Netherlands where the price of gas is the highest in the world, citizens have the tendency to use bicycles or public transport rather than using private cars. On the other hand, increasing the price of petrol has also detrimental effects on the life of people, especially those who live under poverty. The reason is that the fairly high price of gas result in an increase in the price of all kinds of goods including food and other commodities. This hence may impair their standards of living and widen the gap between the rich and the poor. However, I would argue that there are better ways of decreasing traffic congestion and simultaneously protecting the environment. The first one is to raise people’s awareness about the vital importance of preserving our planet before it is destroyed by illegal and irresponsible activities of humans. For example, the Vietnamese government annually holds the campaigns called Green Summer to spread the information as to how to shield the surroundings simply but effectively such as turning motorbike engines off when the traffic light turns red. Another measure is that governments should invest the amount of money on improving existing public transport and constructing new railways. If such forms of public transport benefit individuals, they obviously utilize them instead of using their own cars or motorbikes. In conclusion, I believe that apart form increasing the price of petrol, there are more efficacious measures to solve maladies of the modern society consisting of increasing traffic and environmental pollution.
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