Scientists say that in the future humanity will speak the same language. Do you think this is a positive or negative social development?

Scientists expect that human beings will have no language barrier in the future by using a mutual language. In my view, such a development, although essential at some point, could be seen as detrimental step forward. On the one hand, the elimination of language barrier renders people some advantages, especially in education and healthcare. Firstly, speaking the same language in education brings a myriad of opportunities to approach various sources of knowledge. Take History as an example, students from every corner of the world will be able to research other countries' history via English materials published on Internet-based libraries in case English, which all students master worldwide, becomes the mutual language of studying. Secondly, no language conflict in healthcare service is indispensable for the convenience of treatment. In such a proposed development, healthcare service will become a cross-border service. Foreign doctors, accordingly, will advise patients and consult with their colleagues faster and more concise at no risk of misunderstanding due to translation's obstacles. On the other hand, choosing to speak the same language with other nationalities arouses many severse problems to our cultural identity. Apparently, language plays a pivotal role in protecting intangible cultural heritages which are traditional music, poems or sculptures. These which were created by our ancestors in writing might be forgotten if the next generation use only a novel language that fails to interpret these mentioned intangible assets. Following that, there will be no more remarkable cultures such as Maya Civilization with Quiche and Yucatec, two ancient languages from the south and north respectively; or Vietnamese Nho-characters used in the Feudal Era in Vietnam. Confronted with this predicted development, we can understand that it brings about both positive and negative effects to us. Personally, I lean towards the idea that this development is socially negative.
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