Children who grow up in families which are short of money are better prepared with the problems of adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Financial condition has profound impacts on children’s upbringing these days. It is argued that children coming from disadvantaged background are better equiped in addressing issues than those of affluent families. From my perspective, I disagree with this view because of these following justifications. On the one hand, it is irrefutable that underprivileged kids are capable of making wise decisions independently. This is because they have to get accustomed to adversity from an early age. As a result, poor children ought to be self-caring, and simultaneously covering their family’s expenditures by being engaged in part-time jobs after school. In addition, hardships they have been through represent valuable lessons about material life and human behaviors, conducting to their judicious choices in reality. No doubt, dificulty is a great teacher, however wealthy parents can provide appropriate education and nurturing, which would facilitate the self-preparation for adulthood of their children. Firstly, adolescents without financial burden could be easily exposed to advanced education. This allows them to be knowledgeable and well-qualified in this knowledge-based society. When applying for certain professions, for example, well-educated students might academically perform better than those lacking further education, which enables them to be dominant in the labour force. Secondly, although these affluent children might be unfamiliar with innate adversity, their families always seize on any opportunity to let them be matured. Students who study overseas, for instance, sharpen a well-informed mindset and multinational perspective towards diversified facets of life, leading to discriminating judgements. Problems, in this case, would no longer be a formidable task. In conclusion, education lays a concrete foundation for children’s growth. Therfore, I do believe that wealthier children would have more advantages in terms of preparation for the future.
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